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Details of Hip Replacement

What is Hip Replacement.? In this surgery, the surgeon eliminates the harmed segment of the= hip joint and replaces them with metal, fired or exceptionally... Read more

Best Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi/NCR

About Knee Pain or Injury There are 4 Main Ligaments of a Knee for example ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL A injury can harm these... Read more

Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi NCR | Joint Replacement Doctor

Joint Replacement Surgeon A joint replacement surgery is performed by the joint replacement surgeon to reestablish the capacity... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy surgery is a method done broadly nowadays. This cycle allows the surgeon to see inside the joint of a human body. Some instruments, such... Read more

Finding The Best Orthopedic Doctor In Delhi For Quality Healthcare

Delhi is an intriguing ethnic blend and the capital of India. Such countless people from better places with an variety of conditions that influence the... Read more

What You Should Know About Joint Replacement Surgery – An Overview

Joint replacement surgery is considered by people when there is serve harm to the bones, joints, encompassing muscles, and tissues. It is possibly suggested by... Read more

Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi to Get Rid of Knee Pain

Knees are certainly important for us all. Both knees allow an individual to walk, squat, curve, and bow. Yet, if the knee is harmed or... Read more

Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. D K Das is a standout amongst other Knee replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR, India done many instances of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery... Read more

Knee Replacement Surgery in Diabetics

When knee pain makes it difficult for you to walk or climb stairs, knee replacement surgery can help you walk comfortably. However, this surgery like... Read more

Knee Pain Treatment in Delhi

Knee pain is the most debilitating condition that can be experienced due to a sudden injury in the knee, overuse of the knee joint, or... Read more

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time

Knee replacement surgery is a common orthopedic surgery that involves replacing the articular surfaces of the knee joint with artificial implants. The surgery helps an... Read more

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

Considering a knee replacement surgery? But not certain if you should go through with it? Well, you might be worried about the pain, complications, and... Read more

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in India. It is a permanent solution for those who are suffering... Read more

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Hip replacement surgery is most performed in India, in which the damaged portion of the hip like the pelvis and femur are removed and replaced... Read more

Dangers of delaying a total knee replacement surgery

Are you afraid of undergoing a total knee replacement surgery? Is your fear a reason for delaying the total Knee replacement surgery? Patients can abstain... Read more

Diet to be followed to stop early degenerative process and associated knee pain

Diet for degenerative disorders and pain of the knee Diet influences our health, and it is important to have a good diet to remain healthy... Read more

What Makes a Total Knee Replacement Surgery Successful?

A total knee replacement surgery helps restore your lost disabilities and promote relief from knee pain. It has around 95% of success rate. For most... Read more

How to Prevent Knee Replacement Surgery?

With an increase in the number of total knee replacements, it has become very important for the patients to remain active and keep their joints... Read more

Calcium Needed to Keep Your Knee Healthy

Calcium is an important mineral and a familiar nutrient that is involved in many vital functions. Although its role has been advocated in bone and... Read more

Is Knee Surgery an Only Option?

Scared of undergoing a total knee replacement Surgery? Does undergoing a total knee replacement surgery make you feel as total damage to the knee joint?... Read more

Factors that May Cause you Knee Pain

Knee bursitis: Pain in knee may also result Knee joint is the largest joint of the human body. The joint is designed to give full... Read more

Exercises for Knee Pain

Knee pain suffering can put an end to all your favorite activities, no matter what age, profession, or medical condition you are involved in. A... Read more

Why You Should go for a Knee Replacement Doctor

Are you concerned about your knee pain? Is your knee pain affecting your quality of life adversely? Have you been recommended to consult a good... Read more

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a common complaint among elderly population. But it also affects adults equally. While ageing, osteoarthritis and wear and tear of knee joint... Read more