Case Study

Patient Name: Harish Chandra Nijhawan

Age- 72 years
Type of surgery – Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Date of Surgery: 11.02.21

Mr. Harish Chandra Nijhawan was suffering from severe pain in both of his knees for past 7-8 years and he had been facing problems in the basic day-to-day tasks throughout these years.

He mentioned that it was very difficult for him to even get out of the house. He loves visiting his friends and family members but his knee pain became a huge obstacle for him.

In the meantime, he went to many doctors but nothing helped.The only way for him was surgery and he had developed a fear from surgeries. The patient mentioned that he had started losing all his hopes of getting better until his children introduced him to Cure My Knee.

“I was in immense pain. It was frustrating, not being able to walk like normal people. With time, my life became colorless. I would struggle to get from one room to another. Visiting my close ones seemed difficult. I gave up and accepted this as I understood this to be my destiny till my last breath. But I am very grateful to Dr. D. K Das, who came in my life as an angel. He helped me eradicate my fear of surgery and empowered me to live independently, free from pain. Pain is not the end of your life, you not doing anything to cure the pain is.”

Mr. Harish is 72 years old and he weighed 102 kg but his surgery was successful and today he can walk comfortably and perform all the daily activities without any problem.

He is one of our happy and satisfied patients.